Season 4 Episode 13

Stacey rolls the V8 Interceptor/Cougar back into the shop and begins upgrading the rear end and rear suspension to handle all the massive power that has been stuffed under the hood. The parts are flyin’ as in goes a custom 3-link torque arm suspension, a 9” Ford rear end, and a tubular sub-frame to prevent the car from flexing. If you have a classic Mustang or Cougar, you’re gonna want to see this! Then Stacey shows you where to get parts for your Mustang or Cougar project by paying a visit to a special salvage yard that specializes only in…you guessed it…Classic Cougars! If you’ve ever wondered where to get those special parts….now you know. After that we take a trip to Michigan Tech to check out their amazing testing facilities and put some actual products to the test. It’s all here…. and it’s all GEARZ!

Total Cost Involved

Front & Rear Suspension

Currie Enterprises

9" Ford Rearend (389 Gears Tru-Trac Posi)

Jon Kaase Engines

429 Ford Boss Engine

American Powertrain

Magnum 6spd Transmission (Dual Clutch)

Quick Time

Bellhousing for the Magnum 6spd Transmission

West Coast Classic Cougar

Vintage Cougar parts & accessories

Mustangs Unlimited

Aluminum radiator, Dual electric fans & Rally seats

E3 Spark Plugs

Michigan Tech (Testing the E3 Spark Plug)


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