Season 5 Episode 3

There is a saying that for every good side of something , there’s also a dark side. Today on GEARZ, Stacey goes there as he reveals what to do when bad things happen to good projects. Using Ted Nugent’s old broken down and discarded Bronco as an example, he shows how to start over and re-kindle the passion in a project that has been given up on by everybody else. If your project has been stolen or stripped, or has become stranded by hard times, sometimes all it needs is a little change of direction to get it to rise out of the ashes and soar again. If Stacey can get Teds old Bronco to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes and fly again, you can do the same thing with your project too! You just have to roll up your sleeves and get to it!

James Duff Enterprises

Proto-type suspension, Strone Crusher heavy duty high-steer/steering linkage

Currie Enterprises

"Rock Jock" High Pinion Dana 60 axles

Stainless Steel Brake Corp

Disc brakes for Currie "Rock Jock" axles

Carolina Driveline

Heavy duty driveshafts

Interco Tire Corp

40" IROK off-road tires

Allied Wheel

Raceline wheels


Hard core bumpers for 80's & 90's Bronco & F-Series trucks

LMC Truck

Replacement doors for 80's & 90's Bronco's



Plasma Cutter


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