Body building the SL-C

Season 6 Episode 4

Quick…what is the first thing that comes to mine when I say, “kit Car”? Well, if It’s images of cheap poorly fitting bodies, bad engineering, and goofy looking cars, you are about to have your mind changed as Stacey continues building a true supercar, from a Kit, that’ll run over 200Mph! From assembling the chassis to installing the body, this show goes into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to hand-build a car in your garage, that will rival the best that the European Exotics have to offer. Only in America, and only on GEARZ!


SL-C Project Car

Gardner Westcott

Hardware for the SL-C


Firewall grommets

Fuel Smart

Computer component

Klever Innovations

Bolt dip & brush


Jet RP 4000 Spray Gun


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