Street Sweeper

The Story

In the world of street cars, there have always been two distinct types running up and down the road. Those that look fast, and those that look slow, and when street racing first hit the scene in the 50’s, a lot of shrewd guys soon found out that they could make some money with a car that looked slow, but ran fast. This type of car was quickly dubbed a “sleeper”, because they were hard to detect until it was too late!

Now most people think a sleeper car needs to look junky, and they can… but that’s not the ONLY way to do one. Since the sleeper concept is more about misdirection than ugly, there are a lot of ways you can pull it off, and still have a nice looking car. That’s the concept of the “Street Sweeper” project… to start with a less popular make, model and year of car and build it into something that looks like a cruiser on the outside, and at the same time be hiding ferocious high performance ability under the skin.

The car is a ’73 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, (no Road runners or GTX’s here) that was lady owned and garage kept it’s whole life, so we don’t have the hassle of building the car from the ground up, and thus save a ton of money on restoration costs. The factory bench seat, column shift, and vinyl top look docile enough, but It’s further compounded by the factory beige/white paint, and most of that will remain as it is. The big changes we are making are happening with the suspension, drivetrain, and brakes. After all, who would suspect that a ’73 Satellite would be packin’ a 528 Hemi and road race suspension under the skin? Very few people, that’s who… and uncorking this thing against the local hot shot at a stop light, or on a road course is exactly what a sleeper is all about. Let the games begin!!

  • ATI Performance Products
  • Classic Dash
  • Classic Instruments
  • Doug's Headers
  • Gear Vendors
  • Griffin Therman Products
  • Heartthrob Exhaust
  • iDidit
  • Magnumforce
  • March Performance
  • Mickey Thompson Tires
  • Modern Classics
  • MSD
  • Ray Barton
  • S&W Race Cars
  • Scat
  • Strange Engineering
  • TCI Automotive
  • Team III Wheels
  • QA1
  • Wilwood Brakes


S&W Race Cars

Ladder Bar Suspension Kit, Panhard Bar Kit, Sway Bar Kit, Shock Mounts, Crossmember


XRT Suspension System, Transformer Crossmember System & Front Suspension


Rear Coilover Shocks


Ray Barton

Hemi Engine & Accessories


Engine Mounting Motor Plate Firewall Support Kit

March Performance

Revolver System Motor Plate & Accessories

MSD Ignition

Electronic Ignition Box & Coil

Griffin Thermal Products

Polished Aluminum Radiator with Dual Fans

Heartthrob Exhaust

Custom Fit Exhaust Systems for Muscle Cars, HVSII Velocity Series Mufflers

Doug’s Headers

Electric Exhaust Cut-Outs


Gear Vendors

Under/Overdrive System (Converting a 3spd tranny to 6spd)

ATI Performance Products

727 Torque Flite Transmission, Torque Convertor & Dampener

TCI Automotive

Streetfighter Series 3/4 Speed Shifter

S&W Race Cars

Heavy Duty 9″ Ford Housing w/ Brackets & Ends welded on

Strange Engineering

Aluminum 9″ Center Section with limited slip posi, 3.25 gears, Forged 35 Spline Axles, Bearings & Studs



Chromed Tilt Steering Column


Pro-Car Rally 2000 Seats

Classic Instruments

American Tradition Series of Gauges

Classic Dash

Muscle Car Gauge Cluster Dash Insert

Modern Classics

Switchblade Fiberglass Center Console


Wilwood Brakes

Front Brakes, Rear Disc Brakes Kit, Master Cylinder & Proportioning Valve

Mickey Thompson

Ultra Street Tire Series

E-T Wheels

LT Wheel Series


More coming Soon

Original Manufacturer Specifications

  • Drive Type: Rear Wheel
  • Price: $3,110
  • Weight: 3530lbs
  • Production Years for Series: 1965-1974
  • Total Plymouth Production for 1973: 882,196
  • Hardtop Coupes: 19,056

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